The pretty and interesting ”Rahm-Plateau” 2017-07-08T09:00:42+00:00

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The pretty and interesting ”Rahm-Plateau”

We will begin our tour by visiting the ”Dënselpuert” (Jakobstuerm) where we will watch a short movie before walking through the ditch in front of the ”Wenzelsmauer” and the gallery towards the ”Ravelin Vauban” where we can enjoy the stunning view over our capital, the Obergrünewwald castle and the Three Acorns. Afterwards we will visit the Vauban barracks, the remains of the spanish ”Redoute de la Ramme” with a fantastic view of the ”Cité Judiciaire” where the citadels were previously situated. After that, the tour will lead past the bomb-proof well to the battlement parapet of the ”Wenzelsmauer” where we will visit the ”Gronnschléis”. We will then walk past Loofy’s house where an old restored frame house is still standing and where we will have a lot of interesting stories about the old professions to talk about. Finally, the tour will end on the ”Icinaki” place.

Schaul Patrick
Schaul Patrick
Photos © Schaul Patrick
  • Thematic:
    Heritage / History

  • Departure point:

    Tour Jacob (“Denselpuert” ou l’ancienne Porte de Trêves) Op der Rhum; 1, plateau du Rham; L-2427 Luxembourg

  • Date(s):
    Saturday, 8 July from 10h00 to 12h00
    Sunday, 9 July from 10h00 to 12h00

  • Language(s):
    LU, DE, FR, EN

  • Children admitted:

  • Possible for people with reduced mobility:

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